Monday, April 09, 2012

Baseball is Finally Back

After a long and cold winter (though not nearly as long nor as cold as it usually is), there's nothing more exciting than the return of baseball. Of course, as a lifelong Minnesota Twins fan, it's hard to get too excited about this season, seeing as the Twins' plan for the year is to cobble together a heavily sub-par roster and pray for the best. This strategy has some major flaws, and those flaws are already making themselves quite prevalent, as the hometown nine dropped 3 consecutive games against the lowly Orioles.

But! As the Twinkies have their home opener tonight, I still can't help but get excited. But if you still need help getting adequately excited for baseball season, might I suggest this nice (but somewhat lengthy) read on the San Quentin Giants, the official baseball team of the notorious prison. It's a good piece on both the oft-forgotten humanity of prison inmates, as well as some, but thankfully only a little, Bob Costas-esque musings on the healing power of baseball and it's grandeur and all of that jazz.

Or if San Quentin doesn't pique your baseball interest, maybe you'll enjoy this song about a certain scrappy utility infielder the Twins could certainly use in their lineup this season:

Nick Punto scares the opposition/because he can play most any position

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