Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Little Bit Late...

Maybe you forgot Valentine's Day this year and are scrambling to make up for it, or maybe you did something wonderful but are now out of ideas for next year, or maybe you have no sweetie but like to compile advice for a possible future scenario in which you do have someone to call yours. Or maybe you just like reading funny things.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, might I recommend reading Ghostface Killah's handy valentine's tips?

Through a series of tweets, Mr. Killah drops some mad knowledge on how to have the perfect valentine's day. Amongst many other such gems are immortal words of advice like:

"Nahmean she liked to get pampered too. She like to hear that "I Love You" shit a thousand times a day. You understand what I'm sayin."

"Cook for her if you could, if you know how to cook. If not take her to get something to eat."

"The whole shit is just shocking them. Shock the bitch b."

"Not to call her a bitch like that but you know what I mean, just shocking them. She gotta be like "Yo this nigga just fucked my head up!""

You're welcome...

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