Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Great Meritocracy

In what has become my apparent quest to be a one-man People magazine, hot on the heels of Tuesday's post about those crazy rappers and their million-dollar silly words, I bring you the highest earning t.v. stars, from those muckrakers over at TV Guide.

The list is similarly amusing and depressing -- amusing in who is on it (Jada Pinkett Smith apparently still exists, and makes a shit ton of money) and depressing for the obvious reasons (Charlie Sheen gets paid over $1 million dollars an episode for what is possibly the shittiest show of all time).

So again, sit in your cubicle and peruse the list, and then try to hide from your coworkers the fact that you're crying because even the other guy on Two and a Half Men makes more per episode than you do in a decade...

My future employer?

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