Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Case of the Wednesdays

And the long week continues...

To continue my blogs' dissent into nothing more than a collection of links and stories cropped from other sources (I like to think of myself as a more profane Reader's Digest), here's yet another link I meant to put up a long time ago but never got around to.

As the Twins continue their post-clinch slide, I've maintained to anyone that would listen that this is probably nothing to be worried about and that these loses mainly are coming from the fact that A) these games don't really mean anything (home-field advantage in baseball is the least important of any sport) and 2) they're playing their J.V. squad to make sure everyone's healthy for the games that count.

And the latter really is something so many people in the sports world tend to overlook -- the value of letting someone fully heal instead of insisting they "gut it out" or "play through pain" or whatever lame sports cliche is appropriate. But, of course, letting people fully heal is never as sexy a story as the guy who gives it his all despite pain, blah, blah, blah.

For someone's much more cogent thoughts on how the lauding of players who, often foolishly, play through injuries and how this might not actually be a good thing, check out this good deliberation on the subject from the folks at Red Sox Beacon, people who might know a thing or two about injuries derailing a season...

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