Thursday, June 24, 2010

This Is How We Win The War on Terror!

According to this interesting article, an American construction worker was arrested in Pakistan armed with a 40-inch sword and pistol with night vision equipment.

His mission? He was scouring the country to find and kill Osama Bin Laden.

Apparently, after he was detained, authorities first thought he was joking until they discovered his cache of weapons. It turns out he had quite the plan -- he had been to Pakistan several times, had learned some of the local language, grew a beard to fit in, and even purchased all of his weapons there to make sure he had a ready and accessible cache. In the most recent update I've seen, he's been released by authorities and will likely be deported.

But I say this is the future of American warfare -- we already have more private contractors than soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan (many of them doing essentially what our soldiers are doing but aren't beholden to minor matters such as "international law"). But when we privatize, we have to pay big money. Why don't we just let the American people take it on themselves? Heck, we could even pay for the guy's plane ticket, and it would still save us a great chunk of change...

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