Monday, June 07, 2010

Not To Accuse Them of Being Shady or Anything...

But it turns out those folks over at British Petroleum might not be the stand up corporate citizens we've been led to believe.

So you know how their immense negligence and shameful corporate greed recently led to the worst environmental disaster in the history of our hemisphere? Well, it's been in the news a bit recently, and gotten so much attention even the President has had to take several trips down there to survey the damage and pose for photo ops.

And if you caught one of those presidential photo ops, you might have thought at least BP was doing something to clean up the millions upon millions of gallons still gushing into the gulf. But you'd be wrong, because it turns out BP hired hundreds of temp workers to look like they were cleaning up while the President was there, only to bus them out as soon as he was gone.

But to be fair, given their complete lack of concern about safety to begin with and complete lack of effort in even stopping the gushing leak, let alone clean it up, many people have asked why BP can't even pretend to care about all the damage they're reeking.

Well, it turns out they can pretend they care. They can pretend very well...

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