Sunday, October 22, 2006

Handy party drink mixes

The Farmer's Breakfast
Generous Helping of Jack Daniels
1 Egg
1 Unsuspecting West Coaster

Pour half a glass of JD. Crack raw egg into it. Mix Thoroughly. Convince friend that it's a Midwestern delicacy that every drinks. Laugh heartily as he drinks it.

The Nation Sweeper
Jack Daniels
Bailey's Irish Cream
International Coffee, French Sunset flavor
Whipped Cream
Chpped Nuts
1 Cherry (skinless)
The skin of the cherry, zested
Tangerine-Orange Listerene

Mix JD, Bailey's, Kalua, Coffee powder, and Grenadine. Top with whipped cream and nuts, and a slice of cherry (using a whole cherry will overpower the flavor of the drink). Add cherry zest to the top. Serve with a shot of the Listerine as a chaser.

The Terrorist Sweep
Same as the nation-sweeper, but you sink the Listerene shot into it and slam it all at once.

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