Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Big ups to the wounded harmoninja

A big shout-out to a good buddy, Ninja Master Sean (pictured above rocking out with Broken Arms, the world's premire political rock band), who just got back from Iraq via the intensive care ward somewhere in Germany and then Walter Reed out in dee cee. The big ol' welcome home party for him even got some good press, although it's funny to note they didn't deem it fit to publish his opinion of the war. Unless you count "mixed feelings" as his actual opinion of "it was a mistake from the start and we should never have been there."

But either way, after some scary weeks of only knowing that his humvee had been blown up and he was in intensive care somewhere, it sure is damn good to see him home and doing relatively well.

I'm reminded of what he told me once as we walked across a busy highway at 1 in the morning on a saturday night. I, being sober and quite scared, thought we should perhaps wait until traffic cleared. Sean, being a ninja master, merely replied "You go against the grain, Wozniak, and that's your problem. You see, some people go with the grain, and their life is meaningless. Some people go against the grain, and find meaning. But to truly live, you must realize you are the grain. For when you realize that, you become one with the universe. And if you are the universe, what can destroy you?"

Well, they ain't destroyed you yet buddy, but the universe sure got knicked up there for awhile.

Take care of yourself man.

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