Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Best Quotes from No Shame Weekend

--So I saw that new Bruce Willis movie 'Ho Stage' and there were no dancing prostitutes in it!
--It's called 'Hostage!'
--Seems to me you see a movie called 'Ho Stage' there oughtta be some Ho's dancing on a stage somewhere in it.

And then at my highly excellent party, Susan Fauldi comes up to me and says 'Hey Brett Deckers, isn't this just some macho fantasy in which business acumen is conflated with sexual prowess?' and I said 'Fuck no...darling' and then we fucked. But when Brett Deckers fucks you, he doesn't fuck you in the normal holes. No, he fucks you in a special hole only Brett Deckers knows about...

Your supposed Department of Mexicology is nothing but a fun house mirror. You hold up your distored view of Mexico and say 'this is Mexico.' Well for all of your fancy degrees and titles, you know nothing of Mexico. Mexico...is a woman.

I heard Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison had a suicide pact, but Johnny didn't keep up his end of the pact.

Dude, I heard the Tea bags there are about 100% THC...

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