Thursday, August 10, 2006

What a difference an unbelievably amazing winning streak can make!

Oh, the Twins.

Could it really be only 2 short months ago I was subtly mocking them in a Minnesota-nice type of way by celebrating the fact that they had finally hit .500? And could it be only a month ago that they were still 10 games out of the wild card, so I was celebrating the fact that they had finally officially outscored their opponents on the year?

My, my, how things change.

Now we're not only playing the best ball I've seen any team play in a long time, we're doing it without Shannon Stewart, without Lew Ford, without Torii for a great deal of it, with a rotating cast of outfielders that would make any soap opera jealous, and now we don't have Liriano for awhile (though somehow, don't you just know we'll be able to carry on?).

Now after taking 2 out of 3 from Detroit in Detroit, we're finally where we belong.

And now that everyone in Minnesota is finally on board and acting like they've loved the Twins all along (though I don't recall seeing them at the dome when we were 8 games below .500), I think we can all agree that the wild card isn't enough. Let's keep this ridiculous streak alive and just take the Central crown. Ok?

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Dawn of the Spine said...

Isnt it great!!!
go twins! whoot!
come to New York and we will go see the game together....we will bombard those damn New Yorkers and their crappy teams.
Only one more day until your birthday :)