Monday, August 21, 2006

There's a lot of crazy stuff on that internet these days

So I have this friend/improv director/math prof/"kinda" Jew (he totally eats cheeseburgers) who maintains a very quality website. Anyway, on this website is a message board, and as a favor to a friend, he put up a section of the message board solely reserved for "Discussion of dinosaur-related topics, including their extinction." Seeing as how no one had written on it at the time I first viewed it, I felt it was my civic duty to contribute to the nascent conversation.

Well, in one of many fits of boredom/real-life avoidance, I was perusing said dinosaur-related message board and found this post I had made low these many years ago. It was mildly amusing.

So I went to high school with a girl who was convinced dinosaurs did not exist. Her reasoning? No, she wasn't a creation scientist, and she wasn't an anti-scientite. Rather, she believed dinosaurs were a myth created by our government to make money through museums. When I pointed out that many dinosaur bones are in museums that are free, or require only a "suggested" donation, she was unfazed. In fact, several of our class mates jumped to her defense, and I was put to shame. Why? sell, it was most likely due to the fact she was very sexually attractive, and they (all men) presumably wanted to engage in various acts of sexual intercourse and/or heavy petting with her. However, by the time of our senior year of high school, she had become very fat and homely, but much like in a bad teen after-school special, had rethought her idiotic and vacuous earlier positions and had become quite an intellgent and engaging woman. She was no longer popular, though, but since she was so interesting to talk to, she and I actually became fairly close friends. Not like best friends or anything, but you know, school buddies. The kind that will sit by each other in class, or talk in the hallway, but not the kind that are going to call each other and hang out on the weekend. Long story short, this is why I'm offended by "No fat chicks" bumper stickers.

True story.

Except for the part about "No fat chicks" bumper stickers. Those things are hi-larious!

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