Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Report from N.Y.C.

Things learned in big-city New York this weekend:

A) If you want anything in the world, you can find it on the street in New York. Seriously. You want a Che Guevara belt buckle? Done. You want a framed picture of a poodle that has been dyed pink? Easy. You want a shirt that makes little gramatical sense but advocates the use of marijuana? You've got 1,000s of choices.

B) Major demonstrations are always fun.
I've been to more than a few in my day, and even though this one was for research, I was still glad I was there. Good times.

C) The police are semi-biased.
Yeah, predictable coming form me. But here's an instance for you: 5 guys walk into the middle of the demonstration, threatening people and challenging them to fights. Those demonstrating call over police officers and tell them to arrest these guys because they're trying to start fights. The police walk over, exchange pleasantries with the jerks, and then let them go right back into the crowd to try to pick more fights. Compare to one demonstrator tells someone on the street to fuck off, and the cops immediately swoop in an detain him. One could argue that this makes them not the neutral arbitraters of law and order that we're told they are.

D. Sociologists are nerds.
New York City--possibly the greatest city in the world. I'm there on a saturday night, and what am I doing? Sitting holed up in a little coffee shop intensely pouring over and revising my fields notes because time is of the essence when you might forget things. Then going to be bed at 11 because you're tird form all that writing.

And most importantly...

E) New York has the coolest things to see in the world

Four words: The Museum of Sex.

Convienently located next door to the hotel I was staying in. Well, well worth the admission price.

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