Thursday, May 25, 2006

Busy Jesse--F.A.Q.

Keepin' you posted on what he's up to:

1) Anything new?

Oh, way too much is new in life to recount. Feel free to peruse the following questions to fill yourself in on what's happening in the wide world of Jesse.

2) See any good movies lately?

Indeed. Notably, The Squid and the Whale. Can't recommend it highly enough. Daniels in top form...Dumb and Dumber form. Also, I finally got around to Brokeback Mountain. Frankly, I always think movies with this much buzz are going to suck and only get buzz because they're focused on "hot button" issues (what self-respecting gay can not see Brokeback?), but it was a pretty damn good movie. The true rorchach? Make it about straight people and it works. Make it about interracial relationships and it works. Make it about any type of relationship and it still works. Speaks well of the script-writer that it's an actual story, not just an excuse to show men being gay to throw it in the establishment's face, though it does that pretty well, too.

3) Any fantastic news from best friends?

Yep, best friend since the snot-nose days Howie is getting married. Great for him, I got nothing but congratulations. And fortunately, due to the advice of Young MC, I know to say "neato", followed by a quick libido check and tuxedo rental, and follow through by busting a move with a winking-bridesmaid, as he's honored me with co-best man status. I can honestly say this is probably the biggest honor I've ever received in my short existance.

4) How long has it been since you've showered or changed clothes?

4 days full of sweating from moving, going to ball games, running, and even lifting weights. It's become a pride thing by now, but with the baby cousin's graduation party saturday, I'll probably have to at least put on some cologne and/or deoderant. Right now, my smell can only be described as "an enchanting musk."

5) Loving the big city more than ever?

Have to be, as I'm going to see the International (Noise) Conspiracy tommorow. Would they ever play in Iowa? Nope. Do I have to travel more than 3 blocks to see them? Nope. What's not to love?

6) Had fun connecting with your only sibling for the first time in your life?

Yeah, Patricio and his wife are now living but a 10-miute drive/half-hour bike ride away. For the first time in my life, I finally feel like we're becoming friends instead of just people who are forced to love each other because we're the only relations we have. It's pretty fantastic.

7) Heard any great music lately?

The Coup's new release, Pick a Bigger Weapon, is kinda hit and miss (it's not quite "Party Music") but it's best parts are sublime. I think "My Favorite Mutiny" (with Blackthought and Talib Kweli--Boots is really doing well for himself) is possibly the best anti-war song I've heard, and I can garauntee I've heard at least 95% of all anti-war songs. See for yourself:

"Ring the alarm and form the troops
Send 'em out into the world, go to war in a fluke
Eye to eye with the enemy you sworn to shoot
Now comin' at ya neck sick ya hand...something wrong with me?
Motherfucker--somethin's wrong with you
When the chief just way to smart to question
The enemy the brothers of a dark complexion
The governments of the world is shark infested
They heavy on weaponry like Charelton Heston
Man yeah it gets low here"

8) Best website you had forgotten about but are extremely happy to remember exists?

9) Liberated any good mass-manufactured products lately?

Indubitably, my good friend. Been reading "Steal This Book" by Abbie Hoffman lately, and it's amazing how well nearly-40-year-old tricks can still work to get you many things free. "Stealing" (or "economic redistributive justice" as it could be called) is both fun and cheap, and I must say I reccomend it highly to all. But as always, the caveat has to be that you never, ever steal from people.

10) Any good parting life advice, as if the word of a 23 year old malcontent means anything to anyone?

Never forget your friends, they make the world go 'round.

Also, there's nothing better than being paid to what you love. While writing about how the poice use what Stark (1968) termed "police riots" (in which the police are the instigators and perpetrators of mass violence, not the citizenry) to deny basic democratic rights to large swaths of people, I realized I was being paid to do it. That, my friends, is true happiness.

11) Aware you ripped off the self-questioning tactic fron Donald Rumsfeld?

Yes, but I've also ripped off his callous disregard for human life, so I think he'd be proud.

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