Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Lucky you, the one whom is viewing this humble li'l weblog at this very moment, for you are in all likelihood the 1,000th person to ever view this page! Whoot!

This blog was established in the year of our Lord, 2005 on the 19th of February. Ahh, those were heady times, were they not? I was still a humble, small-town Iowa boy, the nation was unaware of illegal wiretaps and other such scandals, and an aging Joe Piscapo was contemplating a run for the governor of New Jersey. It felt like we, as a nation, could accomplish anything, and this blog was borne of that spirit. I like to think it carries a little of that bright-eyed optimism forward to this day.

1,000 visitors since that day also means (by my caculations) that I've been averaging roughly 2.7322404371584699453551912568306 visitors per day, which isn't too bad for a guy with very little interesting to say. But it must also be noted that I was out of the country for 5 weeks with little access to computers and no time for blogging, so you could actually reconfigure the number to be more in the area of 3.0211480362537764350453172205438 visitors per day, but that would be kinda splitting hairs.

In short, it is you, the faithful, the people, the true believers, that have made this all possible. Here's looking to thousands more visits!


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