Tuesday, November 22, 2005

With friends like these" or "The Right Finally Wins"

So I get woken up this morning by an as-of-yet unidentified caller. Here is the conversation verbatim:

Caller: Hey Woz, guess who's showing up for jury duty this morning at the Blackhawk county courthouse?

Me: (very groggy and only half awake) I dunno

Caller: Jesus Christ

Me: What?

Caller: Jesus Christ!

Me: (by now extremely confused) He's come back to judge the living and the dead?

Caller: No, me in costume as Jesus Christ

Me: Alright...lemme know how that goes

Caller: I will. Gotta go, I'm getting called in now

At first I thought it all was just a beautiful dream, but I checked my cell phone when I finally got out of bed, and the call did indeed happen. I don't recognize the number, but I have a few guesses as to who it is. Regardless, it warms my heart to know that whoever it was made sure to let me know it was happening.

A great way to start off your day.

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DJS said...

There was a guy in Minneapolis who looked exactly like Jesus Christ. I saw him harrass a campus preacher twice. The first time, he just came out in the robe and sandals and took focus.

The second time he preached a sermon about how he, Jesus, came to earth to be punished for all of our sins. And then he asked, "Who wants to be the first to punish Jesus?"

This audience member, a plant I think, came up. She was a busty brunette who was drop-dead gorgeous. Jesus handed her a cat o nine tails. He lifted his robe to reveal bondage underpants - leathery stuff. His butt cheeks were showing and the audience member spared him nothing, raising red marks as he called out, "Make Jesus suffer! Punish me! Punish me!"

The preacher didn't even try to say anything. He was in shock.

I've lived a life where I've seen some very funny things. This was among the funniest.