Friday, November 04, 2005

Team member of the month?!?

My roomate Gutter has finally acheived the dream, and bested the inanimate carbon rod (pictured), as he has been named Menard's Team Member of the Month. We're still unsure as to what this means, but what we do know is that you get a call at home that wakes you up in morning to inform you of the fact you've been selected for such an honor. But now we're left to wonder: what sorts of amazing rights and responsibilities come with such an honor? An executive parking space? Free tile grout? A ham and a bronze plaque? A date with the sexy, sexy Menards lady who replaced the Menard's guy for a short period when he was out with health problems, but for some reason wore his glasses?

Only the good Lord above knows, but I, for one, am waiting with baited breath to see what wonders await him. Check back for updates.

1 comment:

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