Thursday, November 10, 2005

A bold step toward equal rights

Things have looked dismal lately. Rosa Parks, the "mother of the civil rights movement" passed away last week admist an administration and political culture that seeks to overturn most, if not all, of the gains she and others of the great Civil Rights movement fought for.

But there's a silver lining to this cloud.

Yes, for the first time ever, the Westchester Cat show (motto: we've got cats!) is going to honor...get ready...a dog. But not just any dog. A dog who was once named Cat of the Year in 1998.

Has the world gone topsy-turvy?

You bet it has!

Topsy-turvy for ending inequality.

I hope we all learn a little something from this. It doesn't matter if your skin is white or black or brown, or if your genetic make-up is feline or canine. Deep down, we're all people (or quadraped animals) and as such, we should all be treated equally.

1 comment:

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