Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When Is Violence The Answer?

I made this snarky meme in response to the disingenuous arguments assholes were making about the Baltimore uprising. While it's pretty much just sarcasm, it does highlight the odd line we as a society make between legitimate and illegitimate violence.

Because while so many (almost exclusively white) people were tut-tuting about the violence in Baltimore (which resulted in no deaths), our nation is currently involved in multiple wars (which have resulted in many, many deaths). In fact, for someone born the same year as I (1982), the US has been officially at war roughly half of their lifetime. Of course, if you don't accept the absurd notion the linked Washington Post article (and pretty much all of our elected leaders) hold that somehow bombing a nation and killing hundreds of people doesn't count as war, and include every time we as a nation have found it fit to kill people of another nation, then the US has been at war for 214 our of our 235 calendar years of existence.

So given that our official policy as a nation seems to be to turn to violence at any provocation, no matter how small, on what basis are we condemning the people of Baltimore, Ferguson, or anywhere else turning to violence after experiencing decades of violent provocation themselves?

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