Friday, May 08, 2015

Things Jesse Currently Likes

So as to not make everything I post a dreary condemnation of the ills of our world, here's a happy post about something fun. As a television junkie, I watch way, way too much television. As in I watch so much television that in rare moments of clarity I'm forced to admit I probably have a problem. But the purpose here is not to catalogue the unhealthy levels of television I consume, but rather to make the case that when I say a show stands out as worthy of your time, I'm somewhat worth listening to.

So with that said, I cannot recommend enough the yahoo series Other Space* (incidentally, between picking up the recently-cancelled yet still brilliant Community and this show, the fledgling channel is really something to keep an eye on). Other Space is ostensibly a parody of old sic fi shows, with it's intentionally cheap sets and special effects and whatnot, but it's really more of an homage created by people who clearly have a great deal of reverence for the old classics, most notably the original Battlestar Galactica and, of course, Star Trek.

It's helmed by the brilliant Paul Feig (creator of Freaks & Geeks and director of about a million great comedies) and has an awesome, diverse cast. For one, it turns out the annoying skinny kid from those AT&T commercials and the annoying short lady from those other AT&T commercials are both pretty great comedic actors. But much more importantly, it also stars Joel Hodgson and Crow T. Robot! Ok, technically it's not Crow, but it is Trace Beaulieu voicing an obnoxious, sarcastic robot. Which is pretty much the same thing.

Being a web series, supporting shows like this with your clicks and eyeballs can actually have a direct impact on both this specific show continuing and more generally giving the chance to other similarly brilliant but not necessarily network-ready tv shows (Other Space was originally to air on NBC, but let's all thank the Lord that didn't happen, as it would have been cancelled after two episodes). Unlike standard broadcasting, where unless you happen to be a Nielsen viewer, your viewing habits don't actually make a difference in which types of shows get pick ups and which don't, these internet-based shows are actually somewhat democratized, in the sense that each view is actually counted and gives an accurate impression of who is actually watching. This is what allows shows with small but fervently loyal fan bases (again, Community) to have life when they would have been long shuttered by network television.

So go watch it. In addition to laughing uproariously, you'll also be supporting some cool people making cool stuff and possibly opening the door for other cool people to make yet more cool stuff. Or you can watch season 107 of American Idol and be a horrible person. Whichever.

*Yes, yes, on a very technical level this is not a television show as it is completely web based. But you clearly knew what I meant. Quit being a pedantic asshole.

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