Friday, January 18, 2013

No Seconds: Death Row Prisoner's Last Meals

Here's an interesting way to while away some time -- peruse the last meals of famous convicted murderers. Henry Hargreaves has made a project out of recreating the last meals as he imagined they may have gone down (while the contents of the meal are public record, no photos exist). It ranges from interesting to chilling; as Hargreaves himself points out, there is an incredible sadness in the way the majority of these are comfort foods. Though for Victor Feguer (convicted of kidnapping and murder), the final meal was simply a single olive with the pit in it.

It's also fascinating to learn that there's something considered a "traditional last meal" if the person in question doesn't have any special requests. It's steak and eggs and the traditional accouterments that go with them. This raises a whole host of questions about how this became the default meal, but five minutes on google turned up nothing.

Anyway, go look at it. My favorite of all is the one above, and not only because I used to live down the street from where he (and Michelle Bachmann!) had once lived. I like it for the brand loyalty; Gacy was a longtime employee of KFC, and on his way out, he stuck with the company. You just can't get brand loyalty like that anymore...

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