Monday, October 11, 2010

The Less Than Lovable Losers

The Detriot Lions are slowly becoming the Chicago Cubs of football. The franchise has been so poorly run (especially regarding anything ever said or done by Matt Millen) and the losses have piled up so high, that they're starting to beocme everyone's second favorite rooting interest. Even I, as an ardent fan of a divisional rival, have cheered for the Lions to finally win a game or even two and get out of a rut so horrible and so long it caused Barry Sanders to retire in his prime rather than have to continue playing for this franchise (which is such a crime against sport that the team should have been taken away form the Ford family at that very moment). The point is, they're so shitty and such a non-threat, that everyone can feel good cheering for them, knowing they'll never be good enough to challenge their favorite team in any way.

Well, the Lions finally not only won a game, but won it big, blowing out the more recently acquired sad sackery of the Rams. But the highlight the game had to have come Lions corner Alphonso Smith jumped a route and finished his pick 6 off with the Carlton. Thankfully someone not only captured it, but set it to the appropriate Tom Jones song:

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