Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Help With Your Fear Mongering

It is unfortunately election season, and that means one thing for any Republican or "centrist" candidate -- it's time to scare the electorate! (As an aside, I'm not saying Democrats wouldn't run a scare tactics campaign, it's just they apparently haven't figured out how).

Well, as Colbert has noticed, there apparently aren't enough scary minorities running around to get good footage of them, even though they're supposedly everywhere. This tragic lack of scary minority images has forced racist candidates across the nation to use the exact same images of Hispanics to scare us into fearing our lucrative nannying/dishwashing/janitorial jobs will be snapped up by unwashed immigrants. It's like they all share one big racist flickr account.

And, of course, Stephen steps in to make a buck and help the people out with his handy, a website to get you just the racist image you need to get people scared enough to vote for you...

(No idea why the video won't embed properly, but the link should get you there...)
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