Monday, August 23, 2010

The Tried and True Sideshow Bob Defense

In what is possibly my most favorite Simpsons episode of all time (it's like having a favorite child -- no one admits to it, but everyone does), Sideshow Bob is up for a parole hearing. As part of his cross-examination, he is asked about the tattoo on his chest that reads "Die, Bart, Die." He defends it by saying it's not a threat to Bart, but rather simply a German slogan meaning "The, Bart, The." The parole board cheerfully accepts this answer, with one even exclaiming "well, no one who speaks German could be evil."

Now in yet another great example of life imitating art, a Chicago sports blogger has invoked the Sideshow Bob defense in real life. The Sox fan had drawn the interest of Minneapolis police after posting "Die Mauer" on his blog. When asked, he claimed it was actually German for "The Wall," a supposedly begrudging compliment to Joe's defensive capability.

Just add this to the growing number of real-world events the Simpsons has predicted, and I'm starting to get a little nervous about the future of the world...

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