Friday, August 07, 2009

More Re-posting

So summer's theoretically a time when life gets less hectic and you get to slow down a little bit, but this has definitely not panned out for me. Being so far behind, I've had precious little time to devote to my poor, neglected blog (although it should be getting better soon).

In the meantime, while you're contemplating getting up to 4,500 bucks for your inefficient car so you can upgrade to a slightly less inefficient car, remember that the Bush administration made it so that it's virtually free to buy giant, gas-wasting SUVs.

In 30 years when all the fossil fuels have been used up and we're living in a dystopic, Mad Max-esque charred hellscape, at least there will be some cool (albeit inert) old cars to look at...

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Howard said...

One thing lost on most (99% of the population) is that getting rid of the absolute lower end of the gas guzzlers is more important than everyone driving hybrid or super fuel-efficient cars.

There's a bigger improvement in going from a 14mpg vehicle to a 24 mpg vehicle than from 24 mpg to 46 mpg. Check out the freakonomics blog linked below for a full explanation: