Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why I love my neighborhood

A short play, and by "play" I mean "exact transcript of what happened"

To set the scene, I have just returned from seeing the Combo at Bunker's, a monday night tradition of myself and strib cover-boy Artuto. Then there is a loud knock at the door...

(Offstage): "Open Up...Police!"

Gutter: "I'll go see who it actually is"

Woz: "Why do your friends think they're so funny?"

(Incomprehensible muttering)

Gutter: "Hey Woz, can you come down here?"

Woz: "Sure...what's the matter?"

Police: "Are you sure this is the only other person in here? No one else ran in here?"

Gutter: "No, it's just us"

(Police run off with big dog in what appears to be hot persuit of someone)

Let me tell you, this is very funny when you're drunk. Speaking of which, I apologize for all for the spelling and gerammer errors I can only assume I've made in this post.

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