Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Black Quarterbacks Sulk, White Quarterbacks Lead

It took just about three minutes -- three childish, sulking, petulant minutes -- for Cam Newton to completely undo all the goodwill he'd created this NFL season 
This particular HAWT TAEK was penned by Chris Chase, but it could have been written by any thousands of people who hate Cam Newton.

Or maybe they don't so much hate Cam Newton, as they hate the idea that a Black man, a vocal and charismatic Black man nonetheless, is playing the most important position for a team in the Super Bowl. Could it be that maybe these folks are less concerned with the specific things Newton has or hasn't done, but are more concerned with the idea that an uppity Black man is spoiling their conceptions of how sport and authority work? After all, if the quarterback is supposed to be the smartest guy on the team, and there is a large and vocal segment of the American public that does not think Black people are capable of being intelligent leaders...well, just give it a quick google search.

For while I can't speak for everyone who finds Newton's post-game press conference distasteful, I can speak to exactly what Chris Chase thought the last time a quarterback didn't show the utmost in sportsmanship after the big game. Of course, this previous time it was a white quarterback, but since Chase's anger probably has nothing to do with race, I'm assuming he was just as hopping mad when Payton Manning (a guy whose sexual assault charges were conveniently swept under the rug) threw a hissy fit and stormed off the field after he threw away his team's chance at a championship.

Let's see, what did Chase write about that behavior? Behavior much worse than holding a shorter than usual press conference? I bet he totally took Peyton to task for his "sulking, petulant" behavior, right?

Huh. When Payton Manning does it, it's a sign of a fiery competitor, and anyone who thinks it's poor sportsmanship is misguided. Yet when Cam goes "against our misguided notion of what sportsmanship should be" he doesn't get the same spirited defense.

Gee, I wonder why that might be. I mean, what could possibly be the difference between these two quarterbacks?

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