Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hey, It's That Day From That Movie

In case you don't have access to the internet, but instead only read selected web pages printed out for you by your special internet butler, well…first, I'd like to say thank you for including this blog in your internet print outs. But secondly, today is the day Marty McFly travels to the future in Back to the Future II (that's the one where his mom doesn't try to have sex with him, but not the one where he's in the Wild West).

In classic internet fashion, for the last two years there's been about a billion photoshopped images of the Delorean's time machine display trying to trick people into believing that was the day featured in the film. So much so that enterprising people set up websites just so you could fact check that completely useless fact.

(On a semi-related topic, I've always been fascinated by people who do such things. I mean, what's the end game? The presumably incredibly slight smug satisfaction you feel for fooling strangers into believing the incorrect date of something that happened in a 30 year-old film? Who are these people so enraptured by fooling others into believing completely plausible falsehoods that have no effect on anything other than giving people slightly incorrect information about a film?)

But thankfully such meaningless photoshop hoaxes will presumably die down, as we have reached the actual date from the film. Hopefully this will also kill the sub genre of internet articles devoted to either what the movie got right about the future or complaining that reality does not match what a middling old film said it would be.

In any event, the one bit of Back to the Future ephemera clogging the internet today that I actually enjoyed is this video. Yay for cynicism!

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