Thursday, June 04, 2015

NYC Government Afraid of Its Own Police Force

Official NYC housing authority posters?
All those working for the New York City housing authority will now be required to wear orange vests at all times when out on the job so they don't get murdered by "trigger happy" police officers. They're also required to wear their ID badges around their necks rather than keep them in their pockets, because reaching into one's pocket is yet another incredibly common action that could cause a police officer to murder someone. Given that it's not at all uncommon for the NYPD to shoot people for no reason inside of public housing complexes, this is probably a pretty sound policy from the perspective of the housing authority. Of course, from the perspective that police are supposed to be, oh I don't know, protecting and defending people, this seems pretty fucking crazy. I mean, we already live in a world in which we are apparently supposed to accept the fact that police will regularly kill innocent people for no reason. But it seems like an entirely new level of crazy that the very government which supposedly oversees and controls these people has taken to having to defend its other employees from its murderous employees. It seems like a simpler solution might be to just make the police stop murdering people for no reason, but failing that, I guess orange vests are an ok start...

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