Wednesday, June 12, 2013

For The Practical Hipster

So apparently typewriters are making a comeback, and of course, it's due to everyone's favorite group to hate/impossible group to define, hipsters. And while hipster bashing has gotten as annoying as the very nebulous category itself, sometimes you just can't help but go back to that well.

And it's mostly in situations like the comeback of the typewriter. Because there is absolutely no justification for using a typewriter in the year 2013 unless you are a doomsday prepper or you want to look like a twee li'l pixie who's just so damn quirky PLEASE NOTICE ME.

I don't even need to point out the various ways in which the personal computer is superior to typewriters, because it's superior in every fucking possible conceivable way. Any argument anyone can make for the continued use of a typewriter is really just some bullshit they're using to cover the fact that, again, they just want to look quirky and different (which is their prerogative and all power to them and all that, but it doesn't change the fact that they're fucking morons).

In fact, the only arguments I can actually see anyone attempting to make in favor of the typewriter are those weird esoteric arguments about feel and sound that again make no sense because they're not real arguments. But anyway, even those no longer hold up because you can grab a quick and easy program to make your mac sound like an old timey typewriter.

There. No need to lug around a typewriter to make yourself look neat and precious anymore. Now if I could only find some electronic functional equivalent of the bowtie, we'd be halfway to solving most of the current generation's problems...


Anonymous said...

Your computer is not compatible with carbon paper. Typewriters 1, computers 0.

John Wozniak said...

Actually computers can be used with carbon paper. You need to find an old-style dot-matrix printer that uses an ink ribbon such as the Apple Imagewriter. I grew up using a typewriter and the only advantage to using one is that the user needs to check spelling and grammar and thereby increases his/her knowledge of such. Otherwise, typewriters are slow and inflexible and a real pain with respect to correcting errors.

Sliderules vs calculators has a similar argument, except in this case sliderules greatly help with the understanding of exponents and logs.