Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Some Famous Lady Died

Sorry for the long break in posts -- international travel, busy time of the semester, etc.

Anyway, as you're hopefully already aware, Margaret Thatcher died yesterday (to be honest, I was pretty surprised to learn that she hadn't died a decade ago). A lot of people have wasted a lot of ink discussing her death and her legacy. And a lot of people had street parties celebrating her death. In poor taste? Maybe, but few people's death inspire street parties that didn't deserve them.

I really don't have anything terribly erudite to add to the conversation. Anyone who's spent more than a minute reading this blog could pretty accurately predict how I feel about her politics, and though I subscribe to the notion that death doesn't make one immune from criticism (here's Gleen Greenwald explaining the point beautifully in regards to Christopher Hitchen's death), I don't have any particularly meaningful or witty put downs too add to the chorus.

Though I will repeat that there have been reports of dozens of street parties across Britain (and more scattered across Europe and the States), and again note that regardless of the particulars, you have to be a pretty shitty person for so many people to be so overjoyed at news of your death.

Really though, I think nothing sums up the wretchedness of Thatcher more than the fact that "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" shot up to number 27 on the UK iTunes chart within a day.

Again, maybe tasteless, but pretty damn telling...

Remember, she said Nelson Mandela was a terrorist.
You know, because he didn't agree with fucking Apartheid.
Anyway, here's her and Reagan with devil horns. Also, this is a kick-ass album.

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