Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Rock Band Versions

Very late in posting this, but with all the rage surrounding the Beatles Rock Band release, Medialoper has this list of other versions of the game soon to be released.

They're all pretty good, but there were assuredly my favorites:

Rock Band: The White Stripes will deduct points if you hit more than one of the drum pads at any given time.
Rock Band: Prince will force you to play all of the instruments at the same time.
You will have to reprogram the colored buttons in order to play Rock Band: Sonic Youth.
Every time you play Rock Band: U2 absolutely perfectly, an indebted country becomes debt-free.
Rock Band: The Rolling Stones will require that you play the same 20 songs for 30 years.
Rock Band: Creedence Clearwater Revival will sue you if you actually play any of its songs.
Rock Band: Neil Young has been delayed until 2029.
Rock Band: Ryan Adams will never quite live up to its potential.

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