Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where conservatives and commies collide...

Normally, I don't agree with anything written on the National Review website (yet I'm strangely fascinated by what they have to's like looking at a car accident), but I've finally found something I agree with them on. Here is a map of those receiving farm subsidies. In Manhattan:

The bigger red dots are those getting over a quarter million in subsidies. If you wonder why the family farm is dead, I'm sure it has nothing to do with this at all.

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Howard said...

The point about Manhattan is interesting. When I was there, I sure didn't notice any farms. Are you sure it wasn't a subsidy for pretentious corporate types and even more pretentious hipster wannabe artists? If not, its another example of a good idea that's pissed away for the wrong things.

It does make me wonder what would happen if we eliminated farm subsidies and let the farmers fend for themselves. Wouldn't the "free market" force farmers to raise the prices of produce, meat, etc, not to mention the various products made from corn, soybeans and the like (ethanol, ink) to maintain their current level of income? I think that would lead to inflation, and make the poorest people even poorer and unable to afford necessities (you know, food and stuff).

Honestly, I'm just asking. I have no idea, but I'd guess that outcome seems likely.