Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sports, sports, sports, sports

So I've been blogging a good deal about sports lately (even thought I know they detract badly needed funding from the arts and sciences), but I suppose it's just a function of the time of year. The playoff race is heating up (poor Liriano looks like he's back to the DL), football has started, and more importantly, school has started, meaning nothing interesting happens to me, so I'm struggling to find things to write about.

But I found this little gem online today. Apparently the back-up punter (who knew such people existed) for Northern Colorado stabbed the starting punter in the leg in an attempt to win the starting spot.

Now that's the kind of Can-Do! attitude that I think we should be encouraging more of in our collegiate athletes these days. It prepares them not just for the game of football, but for their future career in the world of corporate leg-stabbing.

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