Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Phew! Good Thing Racism Doesn't Exist Anymore

As most people are probably aware by now, Adrian Peterson (a/k/a All Day, a/k/a Purple Jesus, a/k/a clearly the best running back of all time) had a terrible week. Late last week he was informed that he actually had another son he was not aware of, and he met that 2 year-old child for the first time as he lay dying in intensive care after having been beaten to death by his mother's current boyfriend.

Two parts of the story are incredibly important -- 1) Peterson did not know this child was his until the horrible tragedy had occurred, and 2) even had he known of the child, he did not have custody and there was pretty much nothing short of developing ESP he could have done to prevent this.

But there's another wrinkle to the story -- Peterson is Black, and his dad did some time in prison. A normal human being would think these have nothing to do with this tragic story, but normal human beings do not write for the New York Post.

Notable piece of shit Phil Mushnik wrote possibly the world's worst column claiming this to have all been Peterson's fault because...well, basically because he's Black and Black people are all terrible gang banging murders who care about nothing but themselves, I guess. (Note: the link here is to a scathing take down of the original article. I refuse to give that piece of shit page views).

I encourage everyone to go read that take on the column, but be ready to be foaming at the mouth in anger when you're down. Basically, it would have been less racist if he had just written a long string of racial slurs under a photoshopped pic of Peterson kidnapping white women from a Southern plantation...


Anonymous said...

I read the article and there's no mention of race in it. Looks like we have a case of the pot calling the kettle African American...

Woz said...

It looks like you have a very shallow understanding of how racism works. Luckily, I'm an educator! Here some places you can start your research so you can be a fully informed member of our society: